Stay Healthy at Work – Part Two

Last week we heard from Mick Raterman, Account Manager at National Workforce who shared his top three tips for better health at work. This week, he shares three more!

  1. Crack into a packed meal

Whether you’re working in a building with an amazing array of restaurants close by or in a warehouse with a cafeteria, when it comes to lunchtime, being prepared is crucial. If you have prepared a healthy nutritious meal, you are less likely to let hunger consume you and spend money on unhealthy takeaway options. With your prepared meals, try to have a balance of lean protein, slow-release carbs, healthy fats and vegetables to aid indigestion. Start small, if the thought of spending 15-20 minutes the night before preparing a meal seems outrageous, then start with healthier frozen meals from the grocery store. A lot of top-quality brands are making healthier meal options. Start here, and as you gain momentum and rhythm, look at cooking your own meals.

  1. Keep moving

Regular activity is a key pillar for staying healthy throughout our lives. Exercise is vital for positive cardiovascular health, weight management and endorphin release, which all contributes to making us healthier. There are numerous ways to exercise for free! The easiest for most is getting out and about during your lunch break and going for a stroll, jog or cycle. Not only will this help burn calories, but it will release endorphins. Why not get a few co-workers together? It can be a great way to hold each other accountable and a lot of fun.

  1. Stress management

We all know that too much stress affects us negatively and has a harsh impact on our body as well as our mind. Stress takes away from our “cup”, and if we have an empty cup, then we need to fill it back up. The best ways to combat stress and help refill our cup are:

Getting enough sleep- This is critical for maintaining focus and decreasing long-term stress. If you can manage eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, that’s ideal. Try limiting phone time before bed and keep your bedroom dark, quiet and tidy. Make it your ‘Zen zone’.

Mindfulness – Now this can mean any number of things, but if you’re not used to the practice, it can be as simple as sitting outside and focusing on your breathing for a few minutes. Think of the positives in your life and take long controlled deep breaths. From here, you can expand into meditation, yoga and having planned nature walks to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Take Time Having Fun- This may take the form of socialising with friends and family and connecting with other individuals you enjoy can make all the difference to your stress levels. The environment can be whatever you choose, social spots, home or joining a local sports club etc. Spend time and money on hobbies or physical activities that you enjoy whilst having a laugh. We have all had times when we have been in stitches over a funny conversation or event and have ultimately felt lighter and better afterwards. Find more of those things!

Remember, when trying to implement any new changes to your lifestyle, don’t be too hard on yourself. You will slip and make mistakes, just keep going forward and trying.

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