Getting job ready for 2018

Whether you are seeking a new job or want more out of your current one, now is a great time to think about what you want in 2018.
Take stock
Take some time to think about what you like about your current role. Or, if you are seeking a new job, what sort of work would you like to do? Write down your skills as well as the skills you want to develop. If you need help, ask a colleague or peer for their input.
Fill in the gaps
If there is a skill you want to learn, take steps towards making that happen. Sign up for courses or find a mentor who can assist you. Talk to your manager about any training and development opportunities. 
Update your CV 
Is your CV current? If you’re looking for a new job, it’s especially important. Make sure it details your key achievements and experience for each position you’ve held. Keep your CV to no more than 2-3 pages. Check that is free from typos and spelling errors. Ask a friend to read over it for you. Sometimes it’s hard to see our own mistakes.
Optimise your LinkedIn profile
Many employers will visit a potential candidates’ LinkedIn profile when hiring. Do you have a current and clear photo? Have you completed all the available sections on your profile? The more information you input, the better your profile will be.
Set goals
Finally, write down your job goals for 2018. You may want to ask for a promotion, change industries. Write it down. For each goal, do a SMART analysis. Make it Specific, e.g., ‘I want a new job by March’. Make it Measurable e.g. ‘I’ll know that I’ve achieved the goal when I sign a contract for a new job.’ Make it Achievable e.g. ‘I will find a job in an industry similar to one I already have experience in’. Make it Realistic e.g. I may need to start at an entry level position’. Make it Timely, e.g. ‘I will do this within three months’.
A little planning can go a long way. Take the time to review what you want, and then take the steps to get there. It’s a sure way to get the most out of the year ahead.
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