What makes a great team?

No matter what industry you’re in, at some point, you’re most likely going to be part of a team. A really great team will work together to achieve the same goals. But what makes a great team?



Being able to communicate with those in your team is essential. Not everyone will have the same communication style however everyone should have confidence that they will be heard. Effective communication is always two-way. Team members should be able to offer ideas, suggestions and feedback, as well as listen to others.



Knowing you can count on your colleagues and that they can count on you will go a long way in developing a strong and cohesive team. Trust means being able to rely on one another. By being transparent, keeping the lines of communication open and focusing on the team’s objectives, trust will inevitably develop.



Think of respect as the unspoken language a team uses. When everyone respects one another, you’re more likely to reach your goals. Being courteous, considerate and efficient is a great place to start.


Great teams don’t just magically form, they require effort and time. If your team isn’t operating as effectively as it could, talk to your manager. Explore different team building exercises where you can learn more about each other, as well how to utilise each team member’s strengths.