Top 3 tips for being a great communicator in the world of sales

Brad from our Tuggerah branch has worked in sales for over twenty years. He loves building genuine, long-lasting relationships and delivering on the needs of his clients. How does he do this so well? He’s a great communicator. 

Brad shares his top 3 tips on communicating with prospects and why it’s so important. 

  1. Be an excellent listener

The key to effective communication is listening. By listening to your customer, you will better understand their motivations, needs and values. This will enable you to provide responses and solutions that match their requirements and demonstrate that they are really being heard. Pay full attention to what the customer is saying. Be genuinely curious when it is your time to speak, then listen some more.

  1. Know your audience

Research and understand your target audience. Get to know their business before you make contact. Speak to them in a language that they can understand. This might mean familiarising yourself with terms and acronyms that are used in their industry. Before you make the call, make sure you know as much as you can about their business, what makes them tick, what they might need and how you can help. Sometimes they might not need your help, and that’s ok. If you can’t match their needs with your offering, there is nothing to pursue.

  1. Get to the point

Sure, it’s important to build rapport, but just remember that we are all busy. Not everyone has time to have a long chat about their weekend and favourite restaurant. Be direct and open with your intentions. They will appreciate your honesty. Don’t be afraid to ask the question or make the request. Just do it clearly and concisely.

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