National Workforce After Hours…what is it? Joelene tells all!

 Did you know that National Workforce has an after hours service?

We do! I work in National Workforce’s after hours service that operates outside of regular office hours, that is, 5:30pm- 6:30am. I capture the calls when the branches are closed, as well as the entire weekend! This includes responding to calls and from candidates, clients and internal staff across all states we operate in – that’s NSW, VIC, QLD and WA. On top of managing calls and emails, I process job orders and replacements.

How long have you been with National Workforce?

I started with NWF in June 2014, working in our QLD branch as an Account manager and Recruitment consultant. After taking maternity leave I took on the After Hours Consultant role.

How can candidates or clients use the after hours service?

National Workforce after hours is the conduit between the branches and client. So, if you are unable to attend a shift or are running late that night or following day, I’ll ensure everyone who needs to know, knows! You can also let me know if you become available for a shift or have any other urgent matters.

What’s the best advice you have for candidates?

Help me help you! If you are available, let me know. Always reply to a text if I ask you to or return my call if you are available. If I miss your call, please leave a clear voice message with your first and last name, reason for your call and your phone number.

You can contact the after hours team by calling our usual number on 1300WORKING, or any of our branch phone numbers.