Keeping balance during the festive season

Many of us are happy to say goodbye to 2020 but we still need to combat the festive party slumps that happen throughout November and December. Account Manager Mick Raterman shares his top tips on keeping balance during the festive season.

How can we stay balanced during this busy time of year?

  • Stay hydrated: Don’t forget to consume water the day leading up to any festivities and also in between drinks. This will certainly take the edge off any hangover the next day and will make waking up for work the following day that much easier.
  • Alcohol Choices: Go for the organic wine, craft beer and if you like spirits mix it with lime and soda. Added sugar will not only make you feel bloated the next day but also add to that hangover feeling. Stay away from high levels of sugar with alcohol and you’ll get through the next workday much easier.
  • Exercise: Now we know that exercise helps our body release endorphins and makes us feel great. So why not try and get a few workmates together and go for a walk on your lunch break. As little as 20 minutes exercise can release endorphins, take the edge off any hangover or festive food binges.

Keep it simple, drink plenty of water, make smart alcohol choices and try and exercise a little.