How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

So, you’ve got a LinkedIn profile, but is it the best it can be? Are you finding the opportunities you want? Maximising your LinkedIn profile with a few easy steps can make a huge difference in how are presenting yourself online.

Here’s how:

· Write a brilliant bio: The bio is a paragraph or two that lets the reader know who you are and what your intentions are. It’s easy to scroll down and see your experience, that’s not what the bio is about. Think of the bio as what you would say to someone when you are meeting them in a networking situation.

· Show results: Listing your experience is, of course, important. But it doesn’t give much of an indication of what you have achieved. Did you smash targets? Develop a new program? Re-design a system? Show this in every role you have included in your profile and highlight what you brought to the table.

· Use all the features: LinkedIn is always adding new features to create a better user experience. Spend some time going through your profile. Have you uploaded examples of your work? Have you added your skills? Have you completed the skills test to verify your skills? The more you add into your profile the more interesting it will be to look at!

· Say it simply: Using industry-related language is fine if it’s relevant to your experience and skills but where possible, keep it simple and direct. Most workplaces have acronyms and language that will only make sense to the people who work there. Your profile should be understood by anyone who works in your industry. Remember, if you’re looking to break into a different industry or role, be mindful that those people might not know all the terms that are familiar to you. Be as clear as you can.

Finally, allocate time fortnightly to review your LinkedIn profile. You never know when a new feature will be added, and you don’t want to be the last one to the