How to increase productivity

Being able to produce a lot of work that is high quality is a skill – especially when you have a lot on your to-do list. Using your work hours wisely can make the difference between completing tasks and achieving goals and being overwhelmed and not moving through your list. So how can you make the most of your workday?

Remove distractions

We live in an age where distraction has become part of daily life. Our phones constantly ping and flash, and we have multiple modes of communication. While improved digital communication can have its benefits, the reality is that it can be incredibly distracting. Set times throughout the day where you mute your phone, turn off notifications and buckle down. Working without constant interruption will mean you get through the task faster and with more of your attention and focus -therefore creating a better result.

Reconsider how you communicate

Is a meeting really necessary to make that decision? Is an email the most efficient way to get an answer to that question? Think about how you are currently communicating and what you could do to streamline communication. A quick chat on the phone or chat may resolve something that would take multiple emails or even an hour-long meeting. Really interrogate your current way of communicating and examine how you could switch things up to ensure your time is being well spent.

Take breaks

This may sound counterintuitive, but approaching every task/project with a clear, calm mind is always going to produce better results. When we’re overworked and have too much going on in our minds, it’s difficult to focus, and sometimes the simplest of tasks can take twice as long. Taking regular breaks, including chatting with colleagues, removing yourself from your workspace or even taking a walk, is going to ensure you are recharged and enable you to tackle every item on your to-do list with clarity.

Remember that productivity isn’t all about output. It’s about knowing how to effectively manage time. It can take some getting used to if you haven’t always operated in this way. If you’re after more guidance, be sure to reach out to a co-worker or manager to discuss how else you might be able to become more efficient during your day.