From blah to boom – transform how you spend time on LinkedIn

So, you have a LinkedIn profile. You have connections. You like the odd post. You may even comment on a post from time to time but are you really getting the most out of the platform? Having a profile on LinkedIn is great but having a profile that is maximising the platform is far better.

Show don’t tell

One of the greatest features of LinkedIn is that you can use it to showcase your work. Upload your website, an article you’ve written, a brochure of an event you spoke at, a presentation you did, a PDF of a project you worked on, a video you’re part of – show visitors to your profile your achievements, skills and expertise instead of simply listing it.

Connect with purpose

Trying to sell something to someone you don’t know, who hasn’t asked for it and you don’t even know if they need it, is the fastest way to be ignored on LinkedIn. Take a breath and connect with people consciously, who are you trying to meet and why? What can you offer them other than your product or service initially? Do you have a common contact, work history or skill set? Get real and be authentic, it’s sure to have more impact.

Get out of your comfort zone

Posting on your profile is great but what else can you do to stand out and add value to your network? What about a live stream? LinkedIn Live is a way you can talk to your network in a very real way. Stand out from the crowd by sharing tips, your insights into your field of work or industry. It may sound like a daunting idea but take your time working out what you want to say and practise until you feel ready to deliver it!

LinkedIn is an excellent tool to connect with others. Whether you’re a business or an individual, it’s a terrific way to network. Having a profile is easy but having a profile that people want to engage with takes a bit more effort – but it’s well worth it.

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