Advice to job seekers in the hospitality industry

Our Hospitality & Events team is super positive about the future of jobs in the industry and we want you to be too!

We asked our top hospitality and events recruiters: ‘what is your advice to job seekers in the hospitality industry at the moment?’ 


Use this time to upskill. Practise carrying and clearing three plates around your house, spend this time building up your food and beverage knowledge, update your resume and ensure it highlights your skills and knowledge.


Times are tough for our industry, but it will come back! This is the time to focus on upskilling. Practise at home carrying three plates, carrying coffee mugs and pouring a glass of wine, it’s important to keep our skills fresh! Do your research – learn about different styles of cooking that you may not have known already, build your knowledge around wine, spirits and beers and understand the origins of coffee beans. We are customer service gurus so there are still job opportunities out there – and every dream started somewhere so keep an eye out!


It might not seem like it, but the glass is actually half full, and if it’s not then… go on and fill it up. We are in hospitality after all! Make the most of this opportunity: read that book collecting dust, learn about that interesting topic you don’t know enough about, or practice self-care. There’s no time like the present.


There is light at the end of the tunnel! The hospitality and events industry will come back bigger and better than ever, although it may look different to what it was before. Use this time to enhance your skill set, become versatile and highlight what sets you apart as an individual and as a hospitality worker. Enjoy this time and try to look at it in a positive light!

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