Proven protection of our people and your workplace

We make sure everyone who works for and with us knows first-hand, how to work safely, without risks to their health or the health of others and we provide them with practical steps to help protect them from harm.

Our workforce has an attitude-based safety culture

Safety is part of our culture and it’s spread throughout our entire organisation. Our employees have excellent safety habits –they do the task right the first time and play an active role in the journey. They’re motivated, accountable and they want to be safe rather than have to be. 

The right precautions reduce risks for everyone

When you hire a temporary or casual employee from National Workforce, regardless of assignment duration, you can be assured that our employee has been vetted against a comprehensive AS4801 accredited safety portfolio before they step foot on your site. We know who to place, with which client so everyone involved can play their part in safety at your site. We’re at your workplace regularly too, communicating our safety initiatives face to face, sharing safety results with our employee team and showing an appreciation for their efforts.

High visibility recruitment team

Our recruitment consultants are actively involved in the education and implementation of safety focused strategies and behaviours for our on-hired workforce. A regular presence on site with participation in client Safety Committee meetings, monthly Toolbox talks, and quarterly Safety Squad on Patrol days helps us to identify risks and recommend corrective actions. We hold to account anyone who fails to meet our exacting standards and their obligations to protect our people from harm when our workers raise incidents and concerns about a workplace or work practice.
If and when a safety incident does occur, we offer quick response working closely with the team member, medical practitioners and your site management to ensure a prompt and effective return to work.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident

National Workforce has a safety record we’re proud of. We’re changing our workforce behaviours through guidance, raising awareness and leadership with a clear focus on high standards in occupational health and safety systems for our clients and employees. 

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