3 ways to find the right career path

How do you know if you’re on the right career path? We all want to be happy in our jobs, so how can we make sure we find a career that’s the right match?


1.  Discover your skills and interests

Do you know what your skills are? Are they aligned with your current role? Beyond that, what do you enjoy doing? We may be good at something but not necessarily happy doing it. Write a list of your interests and when you’re at your happiest. For example, you may love being outdoors, being creative or problem solving. This is useful information as you can seek out roles that enable you to pursue your passions.


2.  Talk to a recruitment consultant

Recruitment consultants are skilled in matching the right people with the right job. They spend much of their days talking to employers and candidates. This means they have fantastic knowledge of industries and skill-sets. Talking to a recruitment consultant can be hugely beneficial in discovering what direction to take your career.


3.  Be a job detective

Before committing to a new role, take the time to investigate what’s involved. You should talk to your recruitment consultant and the employer about what the job entails and what will be expected of you. If possible, connect with someone who is in a similar job and ask them to run you through what they do daily. Taking the time to do a bit more research before you commit will ensure you stay on the right track.


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