3 ways to accelerate your job search

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to find new jobs quickly, leaving you wondering what’s taking so long? While there is an element of right place at the right time, there are ways you can get ready for your job search that will undoubtedly make it a smoother and often faster process.

 1.  Have your references ready

A good recruiter will ask for references to check your experience and skillset with your previous employees. Having your references ready to go will make the process easier. Ask former managers or colleagues if they would be willing to endorse your skills and experience. If you can’t set those up, think about others who could act as a reference, such as a former teacher, someone in your community or a long-term friend.

2. Know your bottom line

Often job hunting involves negotiation. It could be negotiating your salary, hours, location or even the job itself. When you have more than one offer on the table, you obviously have more to think about. Before you start your search, know what you will and won’t budge on. This will make it a faster process as you can eliminate options that don’t meet your requirements from the get-go.

3. Be available for the job-hunting process

Job hunting requires time and effort. A recruitment consultant is a fantastic way to help take away a lot of the work for you, but you will need to be available to review the jobs that come in, interviews (either in person, online or phone), and to debrief with your recruitment consultant. Do your best to carve out time, particularly for interviews. The more you can do this, the faster the process will be.

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